Child Placement Services

Community Healthcare of Georgia’s Child placing Agency is known as a “Second Chance” Therapeutic Foster Home. We offer intense oversight and residential treatment to children who have been placed out of home. This is done via the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, the Department of Family and Children Services, a court or even at times private placement by family for short term rehabilitation to avoid system placement. It is our belief that if you stabilize a child’s physical environment you will have greater success in stabilizing their emotional, mental and physical health. Our homes provide the necessary therapeutic services while maintaining a loving and nurturing atmosphere.  By utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy we aim to redirect that troubled youth from the juvenile system to becoming an asset to our community.


Our therapeutic homes has specific treatment teams that works with children and families to build on their strengths and empower them by equipping them with skills needed to meet the needs of the family and avoid future out of home placement. Furthermore, our goal is to focus on the individual referred for services and their family as a whole. Treatment plans are individually based and the youth and family are involved with its development from inception to completion.

Who Place with our Agency?
Juvenile Justice
Court Systems
Department of Family and Children Services

What’s the highest level of placement Community Healthcare of Georgia Offer?
Specialty Maximum Watchful Oversight

What’s Community Healthcare of Georgia Placement Duration?
We offer short term to long term therapeutic placement.  This may be a week to 12 months or even longer. Factors are based on whether the child is being placed by juvenile justice or DFCS.

What counties do we Community Healthcare of Georgia serve?

For Short Term or Long Term Therapeutic Care….Place with Community Healthcare of Georgia Child Placing Agency…